I want there to be more in the world…

More calmness

Slowing down to appreciate life. Fewer deadlines and targets to reach. Less panic and fear.

More silence

More appreciation of beauty

Real beauty, not plastic-clad, photoshopped beauty. Natural beauty.

More connection

Real connection. Beyond vapid social media exchanges. Real, authentic bonds that nourish and enrich lives.

More creativity

Bringing ideas into reality. Less mindless and endless consumption.

More s  p   a    c     e

To breathe… To be…

More authenticity

People being themselves, not a version of themselves they think others want to see.

More originality

There are too many copies. Too many imitations. Endless reboots and re-imaginings… Where have all the new things gone?

More quality

Quality over quantity.

More courage

To live life and not just exist.